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I have 5 static IPs plus an additional IP for the cable modem and have mapped 2 of them. Another of them seems to be assigned to the Fortigate. In other words the scheme is this: xxx. Are you talking about. As you can see, I' m still a little confused Your help is much appreciated Well any. But for setting up a static nat you need a ' free' IP. So you can use. Got it. Sorry to be such a dunce I know the destination ports are Expert Member. The source is the range you specified. Good luck. Much appreciated In a strict sense, you could reuse IP addresses for different devices, as long as the ports are different.

My email and web services from the outside world point to the same address, but hit two different servers once on the inside. If you have limited IPs, this may be your way out. Strictly you may be right Bob. But there is a difference between static nat and port forwarding. Your solution will work as they are TCP sessions. I looked at the Administrative Guide for my Fortigate 60 as well as the manual for the current version of the OS and couldn' t find anything. What am I missing? I found it in the CLI reference.

SlingMedia Slingbox Review - SlingMedia Slingbox Review

I' m a little surprised that the gui interface doesn' t include all of the functionality but it is what it is Thanks again, Kenny. Latest Posts. Active Posts. System link-monitor is not working after 5. Block known malicious IP addresses. All FAQs. There is no record available at this moment. Stay logged in. Regards, Eric 2. Thanks 3. Regards, Eric 4. Engineering degree in Computer science,Microsoft Certified Professional. JA computer expert. Disclaimer: Information in questions, answers, and other posts on this site "Posts" comes from individual users, not JustAnswer; JustAnswer is not responsible for Posts.

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By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. How to get slingbox finder id? Share this conversation. Answered in 4 minutes by:. Satisfied Customers: 1, Certified in xp,vista,7, 6 years tech support. These are the steps to find your finder id number. Click to select your Slingbox , then click Edit. Click the Information tab. In the top row, you'll see ID. That's your Slingbox ID.

If it doesn't display fully, click it. You'll see the full number towards the bottom of the box, where you can also select it if you need to. Ask Your Own Computer Question. No the model will not show that info as this kinda like a serial number its not just posted publicly cause people would abuse it. Also you could have a firewall blocking the communication between the two i would suggest turning of any security and try connecting again.

If not reinstall the software with the security off and then see if you can see your box on your computer. Was this answer helpful? How JustAnswer works Describe your issue The assistant will guide you. Ask johnn mack Your Own Question. Related Computer Questions. I have a Slingbox I've had it for several years and. I've had it for several years and it's worked fine most of the time. I have it set up to watch on my home desktop, laptop, my IPad tablet and my IPhone.

My A1 does not work. My a, A1 does not work I just had the. It isn't so much the computer I try to login my slingbox on my pc and the the remote. I try to login my slingbox on my pc and the the remote doesnt appear I cannot login. When the "Welcome" screen displays, select "Click here if you have previously set up your Slingbox. Double click the Launch SlingPlayer shortcut on your desktop. Click start under the video window or select Slingbox Directory from the View menu. To watch your programs from another computer outside of your local area home network, your router needs to provide access to your Slingbox.

Routers control your home network's Internet access through numbered "ports. During the software installation of the SlingPlayer application, the Setup Wizard attempts to automatically set up remote viewing by opening a port on your router if you choose to do so using UPnP Universal Plug and Play technology. If the Wizard cannot set up remote viewing automatically, you need to manually set up port forwarding using your Web browser. Manually setting up your Slingbox for remote viewing Tip: Refer to your router's user documentation, or the support section on the manufacturer's Web site.

The Wizard also includes a helpful tool for configuring your router. To open a port, you need to enable "port for- warding" on your router. Router administration screens can vary, but typically, you would do the following to open a port: 1. Using your Web browser, access your router's administration screens by entering your router's IP address in the browser's Address field where you usually enter URLs.

This IP address is probably in the documentation that comes with your router. Find the screen that allows you to set port forwarding. Add a new port and enter the port number for your Slingbox. The Setup Wizard attempts to use port However, if another device on your network is using port , make sure the Slingbox uses an unassigned port. It is recommended that you choose a number higher than for the Slingbox.

To find the IP address, start the SlingPlayer application and move your mouse over the name of your Slingbox. Here is an example of a new port entry for a Slingbox. Your Slingbox IP address may be different than the one in this example. See page 72 if you have more than one router in your home. See "Using the SlingPlayer applica- tion" on page 43 for a description of the controls. SlingStream The Slingbox streaming feature, called SlingStream, is specifically designed to address varying network conditions in order to optimize your video playback experience.

SlingStream automatically provides the best possible video experience at any given time, although you can also manually change the settings. Note: In the initial streaming process, you may notice jittery video as SlingStream is optimizing and adjusting the stream. If you have only one Slingbox, click start and you will be watching TV right away.

If you have more than one Slingbox in your Slingbox Directory: 1. Double-click the Slingbox you want to watch or click Watch with the Sling- box selected. Whatever output is currently coming from your video source appears in the video window. A house on top of a Slingbox icon represents a local Slingbox on your home network. If the Slingbox is remote, an arrow is added to the icon.

See "Adding another Slingbox to your directory" on page 55 to add another Slingbox. Edit Properties, Remove Slingbox. See "Watching your Slingbox" on page Status Display: This area provides information on the state of the SlingPlayer. There may be a connection problem if it remains visible for a long period of time. Refer to the SlingPlayer Help screens for more information. Refer to the Sling- Player Help screens for more information. It automatically improves video quality. The number displayed is the number of commands that still need to be sent.

It provides faster response time but may result in temporary jittery video. Be sure to turn Control Mode off when you're done by clicking the icon. Favorite Channels: If you have certain channels that you frequently watch, you can easily add them as favorites, creating a shortcut to the channel with one click. There are several channels provided from which to choose. You can also use your own custom picture as a channel logo. See "Using favorite channels" on page If you have more than one Slingbox in your directory, you will be prompted to choose one. Remote Control: Display or hide the SlingPlayer remote control.

Window Controls: Dock, minimize, close or view the SlingPlayer full screen. See "View menu" on page Buffer: The buffer shows the current streaming "health. SlingPlayer Options: SlingStream continually monitors the end-to-end Internet bandwidth between your TV or video source and your viewing location, making on the spot adjustments to provide a constant video stream. You can also manually fine-tune SlingStream. See "Manually adjusting the streaming characteristics" on page Streaming Bitrate: This represents the video bitrate. Select Show Statistics from the View menu. You can then click on the bitrate to show the streaming framerate.

The is not adjustable when the volume is muted. Mute: Click to mute and unmute the volume. Using the window controls The window controls on the upper right of the SlingPlayer offer quick resizing and relocating options. Use the SlingRemote to control whatever you connect to the Slingbox. Click on the remote control icon atthe bottom of the video window to display the remote control. Use the buttons as you normally did before you connected the Slingbox. A: Access your menus and guides. Use all of your cable box, satellite receiver or DVR menus and guides. B: Channel surf.

Tune to a channel while you're watching live television. If you resized the remote control to a narrow view, click the left or right arrow buttons to scroll through each separate remote control section. The remote is grouped in logical order. C: Control the action. Familiar playback options for your recorded programs and live action. Play, pause, skip ahead and back, fast forward and rewind. You're in control of your DVR wherever you go. Click on the Remote menu to access all of the remote controls for your device. Note: The SlingRemote might look slightly different, depending on the device you connected to your Slingbox.

If you're not sure what a button does, move your mouse over the button for a description. Most SlingPlayer menu items and buttons have their own keyboard shortcut. To view a button or menu shortcut, move your mouse pointer over the item. However, you may notice a slight delay between the time you press a button and the actual change in the video. It pro- vides faster response time but may result in temporary jittery video.

This is helpful when you are spending a lot of time controlling a device, such as rewinding a video. As you use the SlingPlayer application, you may want to "dock" the video and SlingRemote on one side of your computer screen. For example, you're surfing the Web or writing an e-mail and want to watch TV at the same time. The window icons in the upper right corner of the SlingPlayer are designed with this in mind.

If you have another application displayed full-screen on your computer, clickthe Dock Left or Dock Right Window control icon to resize the SlingPlayer. This is called the SlingBar. When you click an icon, the SlingBar resizes your Windows desktop. The video and all of your controls are aligned for quick access. The width of the SlingBar is adjustable by clicking and dragging on the edge of the Sling- Bar window. Keyboard shortcuts are also available to quickly move the SlingPlayer around the screen. Move your mouse over an icon or button to see its equivalent shortcut.

Viewing your Slingbox at larger resolutions may look blurry depending on your network connection and your computer's video capabilities. When you firstwatch full screen, the SlingBar remains on the screen. To remove the SlingBarfrom the screen: 1. Select the pin icon on the upper right of the SlingBar to automatically show or hide the controls. With the pin selected, the SlingBar dismisses from the screen to give you full-screen video. Move your mouse to display the SlingBar again. Click another window control to exit full-screen viewing. You can also double-click the top of the SlingPlayer to alternate between full screen and the previous view.

If you do this, you can also move the SlingPlayer and the remote together by clicking and dragging the very top of the SlingPlayer. Adding a favorite channel 1. Type either the channel name in the Channel Name field, or click Channel Logo and then select a channel logo from the provided list of channels. Add a ScreenTip description of the channel if you would like, which appears when you place your mouse overthe channel logo. Enter the actual channel number so the SlingPlayer tunes to the correct channel. You can add as many favorite channels as you like.

Now whenever you want to tune to a favorite channel, just click it. TIP: If you have a mouse with a wheel button, you can quickly scroll through your favorite channels by pointing to the Favorites area and moving the wheel up or down. GMT L-rjiir- All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners. Use your own custom picture as a channel logo. It can be a unique design or drawing, or even a favorite picture.

When you add the picture, it appears as a channel logo, along with your otherfavorite channels. If you want to create your own channel logo, it must be saved as one of the following picture formats: jpeg, tif, gif, or bmp. The image can be any size. It will be automatically resized to fit within the channel button.

Clickthe Import button. Browse for your picture and click Open to import the picture. Add a ScreenTip description of the picture if you would like, which appears when you place your mouse over the channel logo. Click Add. Switching between inputs 1. While streaming from your Slingbox, select Video Input from the Slingbox menu. Choose the input to which you want to switch.

This must be set up before you can watch your Slingbox outside of your home network. See "Changing the network settings" on page 58 if you did not do this during the initial setup of your Slingbox. Important: The SlingPlayer application must be installed on the computer from which you remotely watch your Slingbox. The Sling- Player application starts.

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Select the remote Slingbox you want to watch. A small home icon appears next to a Slingbox while on your network. If you don't see your Slingbox you may need to add it to your directory using its Slingbox Finder ID. Click Add New Slingbox to add a remote Slingbox. See "Adding another Slingbox to your directory" on page 55 for more information.

The remote viewing experience Using your Slingbox remotely is just like viewing in your home. However, the streaming quality may be affected by the traffic between the computer you're using and your home Slingbox, or any other Slingbox you watch. Did you know? As you use the Slingbox, it is actually controlling your home TV source.

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So, if anyone's at home watching TV while you're on the road, there may be a battle over the "remote. The bitrate of the connection is indicated in Kbps kilobits per second. The higher the bitrate the better the streaming quality. To see the streaming bitrate, select Show Statistics from the View menu. Edit Properties. Remove Slingbox. This ID is presented when you first install the SlingPlayer software.

If you install the SlingPlayer software on another computer, the Finder ID is what you use to access your home Slingbox remotely. See "Free Slingbox Finder service" on page 21 for more information. Your Slingbox Finder ID can befound withinthe SlingPlayer application if you did not write it down during the software installation. Locating your Slingbox Finder ID 1.

Summary of Contents of user manual for Sling Media SB260-100

Select Slingbox Directory from the View menu. Clickthe Slingbox you want to setup and select Edit Properties. Clickthe Connection tab. Enter this number when you want to add a new Slingbox to your directory. See "Adding another Slingbox to your directory on page Follow these steps to add another Slingbox to your directory.

Adding a Slingbox using its Finder ID 1. The Dude Properties 2. Click Add New Slingbox. Select OKto add this Slingbox to your directory. Adding a Slingbox using a domain name or IP address If you're an advanced user, you can also add a Slingbox using a domain name or IP address. Clickthe check box beneath Direct Connection. Enter the domain name or IP address as well as the port number for the Slingbox you want to add. Changing the name or password of your Slingbox You should have entered a password for your Slingbox when you first completed setup.

Follow these steps if you want to change the password you use to watch or control your Slingbox. Changing your password from time to time will help keep your system safe and secure.

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Administrator password Use the Administrator password if you want to change network settings or the device that you connected to your Slingbox. You can use the administrator pass- word to restrict others from changing your Slingbox settings. Select the Slingbox you want to change and click Edit Properties.


Slingbox Reviewed by FrequencyCast

Click the Change button within the Slingbox Settings category and follow the on-screen steps. Note: To change only the password, skip the step to rename your Slingbox. Tip: If you have more than one Slingbox, give each a unique name, so they're easily recognized. Password This Slingbox My Slingbox requires a password to connect.

Slingbox Not Connecting!!!

Click Help below. You can also setup each Slingbox input for use as well as configure the audio and the video picture settings. It's not just video: Whatever your TV source provides at home, you have access to using the Slingbox. If you receive music channels with your cable or satellite service, tune to the channel you want to listen to and enjoy your music wherever you go. Changing the network settings Follow these steps if you did not set up remote viewing when you first installed the SlingPlayer software or if you would like to change your network settings.

Note: You can only change your network settings while at home, on the same local area network as your Slingbox. Selectthe Slingbox you want to set up for remote viewing and click Edit Properties. Click the Change button within the Network Settings category and follow the on-screen steps. Network Settings Change your network settings and set up remote viewing over the Internet. Click the Change button within the Update Slingbox Firmware category and follow the on-screen steps.

Update 5lingbox Firmware Update 5lingbox Firmware. There are keyboard shortcuts for many of the menu items. Move your mouse over a button to see its keyboard shortcut. Windowed: Display the SlingPlayer in standard viewing mode. Full Screen: Display the SlingPlayer so it fills the entire computer screen. Minimized: Dismiss the SlingPlayerfrom the screen and move it to the Taskbar. Normal TV: Fit the video to standard viewing size. You can also resize and move the screen by clicking and dragging. Player Settings SlingStream optimization generally provides the best possible video experience at any given time, although you can also manually change the settings.

Automatic buffering will select the appropriate buffer size based on your current network conditions. It is recommended that you leave the Sling- Player in automatic buffer mode. Manual buffering allows you to select your own buffer size, in seconds. Enable SlingStream smoothing prevents jumpiness in the video when mov- ing frame to frame. Enable SlingStream optimizer helps keep the video playing smoothly, even in low bandwidth situations.

Enable Fast start enables you to immediately enjoy video after remote com- mands e.

Slingplayer and Streaming Devices

Original Settings: If you have made any changes to the settings on this screen, selecting this button returns those settings to their defaults. Search your computer if you are not sure. Go to the Web site for the video card that is installed on your computer and search for the latest drivers. Click Help for more information. This, however, will not adversely affect your Slingbox view- ing experience.

VMR9 is not a required feature to use your Slingbox. The SlingPlayer delivers excellent video quality with or without it. Original Settings If you have made any changes to the settings on this screen, selecting this but- ton returns those settings to their defaults. The SlingPlayer can use VMR9 only if your computer's video card and drivers support it, By defaultj the SlingPlayer attempts to use VMR9, Go to the Web site for the video card that is installed on your computer to install the latest drivers.

However, you can fine-tune the SlingStream based on the type of content you're currently viewing. Manually adjusting the streaming characteristics If you would like to make manual adjustments to your TV viewing experience, select the manually adjust stream parameters option.

When in manual mode, SlingStream does not actively monitor or adjust the video quality. If your net- work conditions vary, you may experience poor video streaming.