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Just as with its predecessor, the M family, the Bradley will eventually be the platform for a wide range of support vehicles. Infantry can fight from inside the vehicle by using modified M rifles mounted in firing ports or may dismount from the M2 version to fight on foot. The vehicle is armed with a 25mm cannon, effective against most armored targets, and with the TOW missile, effective against lightly armored targets out to its maximum range of 3, meters 2.

The Bradley A2 ODS is equipped with the Bushmaster 25mm cannon and TOW missile system, which delivers increased lethality and accuracy, especially under the toughest battlefield conditions. Equipment Military Vehicles. My Profile News Home Page. Latest Equipment Videos. Video courtesy Lockheed Martin No sound.

Modern Day Marine Military. The Army argued against this due to concerns about cost, weight, and development time. Their conclusion was that extensive redesign would be necessary for even marginal improvements in M derivatives. In , one of the military inspectors, Col. James G. Burton, released his book The Pentagon Wars: Reformers Challenge the Old Guard , exposing from within how the Army had falsified test results during the development. Devers , [11] but it was decided the Bradley name would apply to both, since both vehicles are based on the same chassis they differ in only some details.

The M2 carries a crew of three and a six-man infantry squad. Even after the troubled development history of the Bradley [15] additional problems occurred after production started as described in a book by Air Force Col. James Burton, [16] Burton advocated the use of comprehensive live-fire tests on fully loaded military vehicles to check for survivability. The Army and Navy agreed and established the joint live fire testing program in When testing the Bradley, however, disagreements occurred between Burton and the Aberdeen Proving Ground's Ballistic Research Laboratory, which preferred smaller, more controlled, "building block" tests.

They claimed such limited and according to Col. Burton, completely unrealistic testing would "improve the databases used to model vehicle survivability", as opposed to full tests with random shots that would provide a far more accurate picture of its performance under real battlefield conditions, but produce less useful statistical data. Burton saw attempts to avoid such tests as dishonest, while the BRL saw them as wasteful, as they already knew the vehicle would fail.

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As a result of the tests, additional improvements to vehicle survivability were added. Col Franklin W.

Trappnell, Jr. In the Iraq War, the Bradley proved vulnerable to improvised explosive device and rocket-propelled grenade attacks, but casualties were light with the crew able to escape. In , total losses included 55 Bradleys destroyed and some others damaged. Army first intended to replace the Bradley as part of the Future Combat Systems Manned Ground Vehicles program, which started in and was cancelled in Several concepts are being examined, including emphasizing maneuver capability over blast protection and splitting up the squad into more than one vehicle.

Their main mission is to provide protected transport of an infantry squad up to six passengers to critical points. Aside from carrying mechanized infantry into close contact with the enemy, the M2 can also provide overwatching fire to dismounting infantrymen.

It is adequately armored to provide protection against small arms fire and artillery, and able to combat any vehicle on the battlefield using its TOW or Stinger missiles. Four ports were removed on the sides of the vehicle on the M2A2-A3 versions, and only two in the ramp remain. These ports allow passengers to engage the enemy from within the protection of the Bradley vehicle. These firing ports are almost always covered by additional armor kits and a Bradley with them operable is rare.

The proper use of M FPWs was rare in practice. Instead of holding six infantrymen in the payload compartment, it is designed to seat two scouts and hold additional radios and ammunition. The C2V is based on the M MLRS carrier chassis see below and is designed to provide an automated tactical command post and operations centers.

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Around 25 vehicles were finally produced for the US Army. Army inventory. It also carries equipment for use by dismounted observers. The Bradley ESV enables engineer assets to maintain momentum with the main force while conducting engineer and sapper operations.

New repair tech slashes time and cost to keep Bradleys in the fight

The ESV is equipped with standard combat engineering equipment and can employ unique mission equipment packages for obstacle neutralization. The Bradley BCV allows brigade commanders to move around the battlefield away from their command post. The BCV integrates an enhanced command and control communication suite to maintain digital interface with maneuver forces and the Tactical Operations Center. The Black Knight prototype unmanned ground combat vehicle being developed by BAE resembles a tank and makes extensive use of components from the Bradley Combat Systems program to reduce costs and simplify maintenance.

It is also designed to be remotely operated from a BFV commander's station while riding mounted, as well as being controllable by dismounted infantry. For the U. The AMPV submission is a turretless Bradley chassis, providing greater cargo space, increased armor, and upgraded engine and electrical systems. For increased protection, a V-shaped bottom replaces the flat base. The AMPV also has several modular roof sections to adapt to each role. It was suggested that surplus Bradleys could be retrofitted into this version.

BAE said they have the capability to build up to eight AMPV platforms per day, the same as the Bradley during the height of its production, as both vehicles share the same production line and supply base. Currently, vehicles are budgeted to be produced per year, which is enough to field one and a half brigades. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bradley Fighting Vehicle A U.

Army Bradley in , during the Iraq War. Main article: M2 Bradley. Main article: M3 Bradley.

Carolina Army Guard troops move into eastern Syria with Bradley Fighting Vehicles - U.S. - Stripes

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Of the 2, Bradleys involved in Operation Desert Storm, only three were disabled. In fact, more enemy armored vehicles were destroyed by Bradleys than by the Abrams Main Battle Tanks!