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California Background Check Laws () | California Criminal Convictions

Checking Applicant References Checking Applicant References Reference checks are often part of the hiring process, but there are several things to look out for. Drug and Alcohol Tests For Applicants and Employees Drug and Alcohol Tests For Applicants and Employees California courts have drawn a distinction between the rights of job applicants and the rights of employees in the area of drug testing.

Written Honesty Tests Written Honesty Tests Honesty tests can be viable alternatives to lie detector tests, but you must administer them carefully due to current uncertainty as to how legislatures and courts will treat them.

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  • Your employer is legally obligated to keep certain employee records private..
  • Employee Background Check Policy Sample.

Psychological Tests Psychological Tests Psychological testing is rarely allowed. You must justify psychological testing by a compelling interest. Obtaining Applicant and Employee Credit Reports Obtaining Applicant and Employee Credit Reports Both federal and state laws restrict the use of credit information in the hiring process.

Read about legislation.

Speak to an attorney about CA background check law

Obtaining Investigative Consumer Reports Obtaining Investigative Consumer Reports Investigative consumer reports go further than credit reports by supplying information about the character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living of the subject of the report. But you're worried the company or landlord will run a background check and discover a criminal indiscretion in your past. Criminal background checks are increasingly common in California - for everything from employment to apartment renting.

If you face a current criminal charge and wonder how it may impact a future background check, or if you want to clean up a conviction in your past, our California Criminal Defense Attorneys may be able to help.

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  5. If you have further questions after reading this article, we invite you to contact us at Shouse Law Group for a consultation. A criminal background check includes searches for past felony crimes in California and misdemeanor crimes in California. There are different types of criminal background checks.

    HR Basics: Background Checks

    Official rap sheets are only available to law enforcement and a select group of other people, as discussed in our related article Rap Sheets in California. Even though most private employers and landlords can't access your rap sheet from DOJ or FBI, they can still get information about your criminal record. All they need to do is hire a record search company, known as an "investigative reporting agency," which is in the business of searching, compiling and selling information about people. To see how prevalent record search companies are, just type "criminal background check" into your Internet search engine and see what pops up.

    This article deals with such privately generated criminal background checks.

    Criminal Records Background Checks in California

    The general rule is that potential employers and landlords can access privately generated criminal records so long as they comply with federal and state consumer protection laws involving notification, privacy and accuracy requirements. In addition to consumer protection laws concerned with ensuring people have notice of background checks and that such checks are accurate and confidential, California law puts certain kinds of arrest and conviction information off-limits.

    Please note that there are many exceptions to these general rules. For example, health care facilities can ask about arrests for certain sex crimes in California when it comes to jobs involving access to patients. Potential employers can ask about arrests for certain drug crimes in California if the job involves access to narcotics. Special rules also apply in regards to expunged convictions when it comes to applications for professional state licenses. Please see our related article on Convictions and Professional Licenses in California for more information on that topic.

    Given the prevalence of criminal background checks in California, it is helpful to remember that there are many ways to clean up your criminal record, including:. If you or a loved one is in need of help with criminal record background checks and you are looking to hire an attorney for representation, we invite you to contact us at Shouse Law Group.

    Fingerprint Background Checks

    We can provide a free consultation in office or by phone. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

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    The term does not include a consumer report or other compilation of information that is limited to specific factual information relating to a consumer's credit record or manner of obtaining credit obtained directly from a creditor of the consumer or from a consumer reporting agency when that information was obtained directly from a potential or existing creditor of the consumer or from the consumer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for transactions between investigative consumer reporting agencies and insurance institutions, agents, or insurance-support organizations subject to Article 6.

    Inaccurate credit reports directly impair the efficiency of the banking system, and unfair credit reporting methods undermine the public confidence which is essential to the continued functioning of the banking system. Probably should be ''creditworthiness,''. These items of information shall no longer be reported if at any time it is learned that, in the case of a conviction, a full pardon has been granted or, in the case of an arrest, indictment, information, or misdemeanor complaint, a conviction did not result; except that records of arrest, indictment, information, or misdemeanor complaints may be reported pending pronouncement of judgment on the particular subject matter of those records.

    As used in this section, a conviction shall include a plea, verdict, or finding of guilt regardless of whether sentence is imposed by the court. Nothing in this section shall prevent an employer from asking an employee or applicant for employment about an arrest for which the employee or applicant is out on bail or on his or her own recognizance pending trial.

    However, the employer shall not determine any condition of employment other than paid administrative leave based solely on an arrest report. The information contained in an arrest report may be used as the starting point for an independent, internal investigation of a peace officer in accordance with Chapter 9. B "Prospective concessionaire" means any individual, general or limited partnership, corporation, trust, association, or other entity that is applying for, or seeking to obtain, a public agency's consent to, or approval of, the acquisition by that individual or entity of any beneficial ownership interest in any public agency'sconcession, lease, or other property right whether directly or indirectly held.

    C "Affiliate" means any individual or entity that controls, or is controlled by, the prospective concessionaire, or who is under common control with the prospective concessionaire. D "Associate" means any individual or entity that shares a common business purpose with the prospective concessionaire with respect to the beneficial ownership interest that is subject to the consent or approval of the city, county, city and county, or district. E "Control" means the possession, direct or indirect, of the power to direct, or cause the direction of, the management or policies of the controlled individual or entity.

    Criminal history information for purposes of this subdivision includes any criminal history information obtained pursuant to Section or of the Penal Code. B The prospective concessionaire shall submit the copy or the corrected record of any other evidence to the public agency within 90 days of a request for review.