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If such surpluses were not neutralized through humanitarian systems, they would warp any stable economy and create a state of continuous crisis. This would destroy the fabric of the current Global Economic System. In the Humanitarian realm we find a complete spectrum of extremely diverse entities.

This happened for two reasons:. Since , we have been witnessing a mounting trend to control, limit and ban the activities of large and medium size Foundations and NGOs.


Many NGOs are considered to promote inimical political agendas, while others have been facilitating terrorist activities. Since , the Banking compliance Laws have started to be enforced more strictly, which means that the Banks will be held responsible for the misapplication of Funds, whatever the amount. The larger Humanitarian Organizations will incur an increased workload and cost to collect and send to the Bank the real-time project tracking data required by the Compliance Laws in particular tracking all the transactions. The medium Humanitarian Organization and NGOs will need to pool their re-sources to collect the real time data required and to sub-contract to Global Project Engineering.

Latest Grants and Resources for Humanitarian Relief

An increase in United States' wheat aid increased the duration of armed civil conflicts in recipient countries, and ethnic polarization heightened this effect. Nevertheless, research on Iraq shows that "small-scale [projects], local aid spending. Aid workers are the people distributed internationally to do humanitarian aid work. They often require humanitarian degrees. The total number of humanitarian aid workers around the world has been calculated by ALNAP , a network of agencies working in the Humanitarian System, as , in Aid workers are exposed to tough conditions and have to be flexible, resilient, and responsible in an environment that humans are not psychologically supposed to deal with, in such severe conditions that trauma is common.

In recent years, a number of concerns have been raised about the mental health of aid workers. Adjustment to normal life again can be a problem, with feelings such as guilt being caused by the simple knowledge that international aid workers can leave a crisis zone, whilst nationals cannot. A survey conducted by The Guardian , with aid workers of the Global Development Professionals Network, revealed that 79 percent experienced mental health issues.

During the past decade the humanitarian community has initiated a number of interagency initiatives to improve accountability, quality and performance in humanitarian action.

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Representatives of these initiatives began meeting together on a regular basis in in order to share common issues and harmonise activities where possible. The People In Aid Code of Good Practice is an internationally recognised management tool that helps humanitarian aid and development agencies enhance the quality of their human resources management. This certification scheme aims to provide assurance that certified agencies are managing the quality of their humanitarian actions in accordance with the HAP standard.

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By evaluating an organisation's processes, policies and products with respect to six benchmarks setout in the Standard, the quality becomes measurable, and accountability in its humanitarian work increases. The Sphere Project handbook, Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response, which was produced by a coalition of leading non governmental humanitarian agencies, lists the following principles of humanitarian action:.

While some critics were questioning whether the sector will truly benefit from the implementation of yet another humanitarian standard, others have praised it for its simplicity.

Grant Applicants - Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund (JHF)

The Humanitarian Encyclopedia, launched in June , aims to create "a clear and comprehensive reference framework, influenced by local and contextualised knowledge … [including] analyses of lessons learned and best practices, as well as … insights for evidence-based decision and policy-making. The need for this stems from the experience in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake, where international aid organisations pushed out local aid groups as a result of a lack of reflection and understanding of local contexts and aid concepts, making the relief effort less efficient. Free to access, the project is expected to be completed within five years, with the first parts slated to be published online by the end of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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