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  1. The Purpose of Having a Social Security Number
  2. SSN/Social Security Number Trace/Scan: Employment Background Check
  3. How to Apply for a Social Security Number

Our person search gives you the data facets — phone numbers, relatives search, alias search, email addresses and more — necessary to combine facets of data for a complete person search. Social Security Number Searches. A social security number SSN is the most unique person search tool available today.

The Purpose of Having a Social Security Number

With a social security number, or partial SSN, we are able to link your subject to current and historical addresses, possible phone numbers, aliases, relatives, neighbors and more. Additionally, our reports provide you with information about the state and date of issuance and status of the SSN active, inactive, deceased.

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Foresight can provide credentialed business with full or partial social security numbers for identity verification. A simple social security number validation provides state of issuance, date issued and status deceased, active, inactive.

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  4. However, the rep also provides a name and phone extension. Read next: The No. One of the best ways to ensure you are talking to someone with the SSA and not a scammer is simply to tell the individual you will hang up and call back. Dial the extension, and if you get to the same person, the call is legitimate.

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    The SSA notes that it never demands an immediate payment from people on the phone, and it always provides an appeals process if a debt is believed to be owed. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator.

    SSN/Social Security Number Trace/Scan: Employment Background Check

    Retirement Planner. Third, the number is not totally anonymous - strangers can tell in what state it was issued and approximately what year. Fifth, many individuals have a sincerely held religious or philosophical objection to being enumerated. With today's data base technology, the SSN and other personal identifiers are less necessary than in the past. A search for information on Winston Smith, for instance, when all you have is first name, last name, and home address, telephone number, or date of birth is a reasonable search today whereas in the past such a search would have required more computing resources than were available at reasonable cost. MIB Inc. This is done by using an algorithm to digitize a person's full name and other identifying information birth date, address, or occupation , in order to locate a match in the data base.

    How to Apply for a Social Security Number

    A search for a file will provide the closest match, based on a comparison of the data elements. Thus, an error in one data element will still produce an accurate match. This is not always true when only one numerical identifier, like the Social Security number, is used for a search in a data base.

    Social Security Number Search - How to Find People by Social Security Numbers