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Processing time may differ and is dependent upon the contents contained in the criminal history record. Allow additional time for mail delivery.

Responses to requests for certified copies will include the requested information if available with a stamp certifying authenticity of the records, a cover letter, and if applicable affidavit signed by the Custodian of Records authorizing release of the records as maintained by California DOJ. Questions regarding the above requirements can be directed to Keeperofrecords doj. Skip to main content.

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source link Home About. Prosecuting agencies will review the list of cases provided by the department, along with their own local records, to determine if they will challenge based on whether or not a conviction is eligible and if a person presents an unreasonable risk to public safety.

The Department of Justice will update the state summary criminal history information database as information is submitted to the Department by the courts. If you are a prosecuting agency and would like more information about this process, please contact the Criminal Record Update Program at Please do not contact the Department of Justice about your case.

There is no information the Department can provide to you.

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Please be aware that your criminal history record may not be updated if your case has not been reviewed, is still being reviewed, or if information has not been provided to the Department.