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Love my new plate, thanks for making it so easy! Amy, London. Sell A Number Plate. Number Plate Guides. My Account Information for Sellers. More search options. Northern Ireland Format. Dateless Mainland. Current Style. Search all styles at once Try your name, initials, vehicle, anything. Show me how. Check the vehicle's age As many registration marks carry an 'age identifier' the date when the mark was released it is important to check the age of the receiving vehicle.

how to find vechicle registration number to owner name

Search for a perfect plate Our Smart Search tool will help you find the perfect plate. The price As part of your search results, we will present the price of each registration. Plate options You can also order a new set of private number plates with your registration. Select a transfer preference You can complete the transfer of the registration yourself, or you can choose to make the whole process even easier by having us take care of it all for you.

License Plates & Registration

Other optional extras Private number plates make perfect unique gifts. Secure payment Once you've found the private number plate you want to purchase, use our simple and secure checkout process to purchase online or over the telephone. Popular Areas News!

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Read More Latest Release! We will show your registration to thousands of buyers Guides Assigning certificate to vehicle Transferring vehicle to vehicle Retaining vehicle to certificate. Help for Good Causes Shop with us and help support these charities whose good works positively affect thousands of us and our families, every year.

These DVLA registration checks are helpful for checking the history of your car and number plate, and can help when it comes to providing quick, basic facts before selling your vehicle. You are able to use our DVLA number plate check for checking the availability of your number plate, and the DVLA registration check for quick-fix facts about your motor. Platehunter is a trading name of Supplied to You Ltd.

Registered in England TF7 4NH. Once you've bought the vehicle, you have to register it.

HPI | Reg Check, Car Registration & Number Plate Check, Check for Plate Changes

How you register it depends on whether it has a V5C registration certificate log book. You must get an MOT for your vehicle every year once it's 3 years old.

You must have insurance before you can use your vehicle on the road. To help us improve GOV. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Skip to main content.

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Part of Buy a vehicle: step by step. Step 1 : Check the vehicle before you buy it.