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How do you define a hit-and-run in Texas?

A hit-and-run in Texas occurs when a driver hits something like another car or person or even a building , leaves the scene, and fails to provide information or aid. Both are a serious offense with some pretty steep consequences. The consequences for leaving the scene of an accident become graver depending on the sobriety and overall state of the driver and whether or not a person was hurt and how badly that person was hurt.

What is intoxication assault in Texas?

If you fail to stop and provide aid after a car accident, the penalties can be severe and can even land you a year prison sentence. There are some instances where these penalties might be harsher. While it can be difficult, a DWI hit-and-run charge can be dismissed. One common tactic for dismissal is working with your lawyer to prove that you were not aware of the accident.

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The prosecution will need to prove that you were the driver who caused the accident, which means the more you can minimize your involvement, the easier it will be to fight your case. Let your lawyer handle all of this instead. If you want to learn about trial attorneys and why you might need one, take a look at our article: What is a Trial Lawyer? Can a DWI hit-and-run charge be dismissed?

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With the aggressive and professional team at Thiessen Law Firm, yes, absolutely. Designated Super Lawyer and board-certified criminal defense attorney Mark Thiessen is here with trial-tested strategies and deep DWI expertise to help you overcome a hit-and-run charge in Texas.

DWI Involving an Accident, Wreck or Injury Lawyer in Fort Worth - Randall Isenberg

Give us a call at or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Mark Thiessen is an aggressive trial lawyer best known for his devotion to justice for his clients and high rank as a DWI Super Lawyer in Texas. October 16, October 9, Free Consultation Search for:. The fines can be waived by the trial judge, as can court cost where the court finds that the defendant is an indigent.

Legal Help for Victims of a DWI Accident

This can be done by reviewing tax returns, recent wage statements or other Goverment agency proof. One case is by the Texas Department of Public Safety to suspend your drivers license and the other is the criminal case by the State of Texas. You only have 15 days to act or you will lose your drivers license and your first case.

We Recommend you get the best DWI attorney you can afford and fast. Form Submissions have a fast response time. Request your free consultation to discuss your case with one of our attorneys over the phone.

The use of this form does not establish an attorney-client relationship. But you must install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle and keep it for 6 months.

DWI Involving an Accident, Wreck or Injury Lawyer in Fort Worth

A non-disclosure restricts who can see your criminal record. Ask your attorney for more information about this program. Note that imprisonment is in a state-run penal institution whereas jail is a county-run institution.